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A company focused on fun sports events and physical education

Primary Sports Giants provide high quality PE, Teacher Training and Coaching to primary schools across the South East of Kent. We are a team of experienced PE teachers and coaches specialising in the development of sport for primary teachers and pupils.  We also provide an array of fun sports events and sports camps for local children to enjoy.

Our key aim is to ensure all children are given a fun and progressive start into a life of sport and activity. A lot of our delivery incorporates Outdoor Adventurous Activity and Leadership which will help pupils develop into well rounded participants.

As a company we provide a fun and enjoyable environment in which to promote the benefits of an active lifestyle. Whether you are a teacher, parent or pupil we aim to provide fun, healthy and effective learning in line with government initiatives such as Change4life, British Values of Democracy and Skills for Life.

Events & Parties

Dart Tag (Nerf Battles)

Fun packed event for children & adults to experience together.  From hiding behind giant inflatable bunkers to using over 40 […]

BMX Strider Balance Bike Riding & Parties

We offer balance bike skills & race sessions plus birthday parties too!!! Get your little one’s pulse racing with timed […]

Dart Tag Birthday parties

Why not give your children’s birthday party a boost with our fun and interactive Nerf Battles experience! With a range […]

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Our mission is to increase the quality and participation of sport on offer in schools and to local communities in South East Kent. Everyone can enjoy playing sport and thrive at it; Primary Sports Giants mission is to find the right sport for each participant.

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